5 Things You Should Think About When Looking For A New Home


When you're looking at real estate for sale, you may have blinders on to certain things. Things like mold on the siding, cracks in the foundation, old windows, or a driveway that is in bad shape. You may think when looking at a house that most things are easy repairs, but even those easy repairs can all add up. If you aren't very handy, you'll need to hire someone to do the repairs for you which could add up even more.

10 August 2017

How to Select a Home When You're Downsizing


Have you decided to move into a smaller home? Perhaps you are now empty nesters and you feel like there is a lot of wasted space. Or, it just might be that your large home has gotten to be too much work for you. For whatever reason, from deciding on what you want in a neighborhood to finding the right home for sale, here are some ideas that might help you as you make your move.

20 July 2017

Three Considerations For Those Buying A Home


There are few purchases that are more complicated than real estate transactions. In particular, a house is a highly complicated real estate purchase that will require you to use some important tips and information to be a savvy and informed buyer. Know What To Expect When Making A Relatively Small Down Payment Individuals are often very excited to learn that it is possible to purchase a house with a fairly small down payment.

28 June 2017

Working Out Home Owning Expenses? Look At The Uncommon Ones Before Committing


As soon as you become a homeowner, you will become responsible for all sorts of expenses. It is important to be ready for these new costs because it is easy to get used to your former financial responsibilities. But, while there are basic expenses such as your mortgage, home insurance, property taxes, and your utilities, you should not forget about the uncommon expenses that will come from owning a property.

7 June 2017

Ways To Prepare For Your Closing When Selling A House


As a seller of a house, there are things you will need to accomplish before the closing date. If you fail to do these, it could prevent the closing from taking place. Here are some of the ways you will need to prepare for the closing on your home. Make sure you complete all necessary repairs Getting ready to move will be a busy time for you, but there is really no way around this, and one of the ways you must prepare is by finishing or repairing anything in the home that you agreed to do.

20 May 2017

How A Realtor Can Assist With Your Open House


A common way to drum up interest in a home for sale is to host an open house. It allows potential buyers to get a casual look at the home without the pressure of scheduling a showing and making an offer right away. If you have considered hosting an open house without the help of a realtor, you may not realize the benefits that you are missing out on. Here is why you should have a realtor host your open house for you.

28 February 2017

What To Look For When You Are Buying Real Estate To Flip


Shows on television have made more people than ever interested in buying homes to flip. Flipping homes involves buying homes that are inexpensively priced because they need renovation or repair. Repairs or renovations are then made, helping to add value to the home. The home is then sold. If a flip is done correctly, it can net the person who did the flip extra cash. However, if miscalculations are made, the flipper may find themselves selling the home for less than they bought it for and paid in renovations.

22 February 2017