Buying A Home After Renting? 3 Extra Costs To Be Aware Of Before Buying


When you're used to renting an apartment for most of your life and want to make the next move towards owning a home of your own, it becomes important for you to get familiar with some of the costs associated with buying. While it can be easy to see the listing price and assume that you can comfortably afford the home, it's important that you also factor in some of the other costs that may not be so obvious to somebody that's used to rentals.

Homeowner Association Fees

One expense that you'll need to consider, whether you'll be living in a single-family home or condo, is homeowner association fees. These fees often come with some services and amenities, so it's definitely something to consider before dismissing just any home that has these fees required for residents.

Some amenities and features that may be included with the HOA fees are a swimming pool, locked entry with a gate around the neighborhood, and some landscaping maintenance. Asking plenty of questions about what is included with homeowner association fees can help you feel more comfortable about this additional expense to buying a home. 

Emergency Repairs

When you're renting an apartment and something breaks, it can be a relief to have the property manager and repairmen take care of the issue right away. After becoming a homeowner, it will become your responsibility to take care of any repairs that are needed as they arise. Without anyone else to rely on for repairs, you need to understand the need to put aside some money for emergencies once you buy your own home.

Landscaping Maintenance

While some neighborhoods may take care of some landscaping, you'll likely be responsible for all the landscaping work for the front of your home. If you want the backyard to look great as well, this will be another area of your home you'll need to focus on to get landscaping done. Quality landscaping work can quickly add up in cost, making the maintenance a good thing to factor in when considering the cost of purchasing a home.

Before making any decisions on the price range of a home that you can purchase, it's important that you understand all the expenses involved. While buying a home of your own can mean no longer needing to pay someone else for your home, you'll need to take responsibility for all the costs with homeownership. With all of these costs in mind, you can make a better decision over the price of a home that you can afford. Reach out to a real estate agent like Monica Adams - RE/MAX ALLEGIANCE for more guidance in finding the right home.


16 May 2018

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