3 Reasons To Prioritize A Single-Story Home Over A Multi-Story House


When you start looking at real estate for sale, you will come across all sorts of options such as condos, townhomes, multi-story homes, and single-story houses. Each one has their own pros and cons, but you will benefit from picking one and using that to guide your house hunting.

A single-story house has a few advantages over a multi-story home that you should consider so that you know the final decision will be the greatest benefit to your family.

Less Demanding

When you live in a single-story home, you will find that it is less demanding than a multi-story home. If anyone in your family gets injured, they will still be able to get around everywhere with a one-story floor plan. This can become a major complication in a multi-story home.

If you have any handicapped family members, they may only be able to spend time on the first floor because it may not be an option for them to climb up lots of stairs. When you intend on living in the home for many years, you also must think about your own long-term health. A single-story home will give you the confidence that you can stay there through your older years.


Cleaning a multi-story home is more difficult than a single-story home because there are so many extra parts to the home. For instance, the staircase has many components that need cleaning. Either the railing or walls along with each step from the top to the bottom must be cleaned.

In a single-story home, you may be able to plug the vacuum in once or twice and make it all the way around your home. But, a home with two stories may have you plugging the vacuum in at three to four outlets before you are able to reach all the flooring and furniture inside the home. Also, a heavy-duty vacuum will not be easy to carry up and down the stairs on a regular basis.


If you love having a tight-knit family, you may not like the idea of your family being so far apart, which is something that could happen in a multi-story home. You could be making dinner downstairs and all your children might be in their own bedrooms with all the doors closed. Living on a single floor makes it easy for your family to communicate with one another.

Picking a single-story home is an ideal choice when these benefits mesh with your needs.


20 December 2017

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