Looking for a Farm to Buy? Check the Soil & Land Boundaries Before You Make a Purchase


If you are looking for a farm to buy you need to be careful when you make your choice. This is because there are some things you need to check before you make a large purchase like this. Two of these things are checking the soil to ensure it is healthy and checking the boundaries of the properly. If you need help doing this, talk with your real estate agent and they can get you in touch with the right professionals.

Check the Soil

If you are planning to plant crops, flowers, or any other vegetation, have the soil tested. You can take samples on your own and take them to the local extension office. Use a small shovel to dig deep into the ground and put the soil in a baggie. Take samples from different areas of the land. Mark each bag from where you took the soil from.

When you receive the report from the extension office, it tells you the nutrients that are currently in the soil, as well as nutrients that the soil is lacking. Many times, the report will also give you some tips on how to make the soil healthier, if it is lacking in nutrients.

If the land you are purchasing is not very large, you can do a soil test on your own. Purchase a soil test kit at a garden center and follow the directions that comes with it. This test will show you how many nutrients are found in the soil, as well as how alkaline the soil is.

Know How Much Land You are Buying

If the seller says the land is 4 acres you need to make sure it is really this large. It can be even harder to determine if there are many more acres than this. Ask the landowner if they have had a survey done on the land. This survey will show where the exact properly lines are located so you will know.

If the land owner has not had a survey done, you need to hire a surveyor to do this. The surveyor will mark all boundaries, so you will not build on someone else's properly. The surveyor can also check if there are any easements on the land.

If the survey the landowner had done is very old, it is a good idea to have another one done to update it. You never know if anything has changed since the first survey.

Talk with your real estate agent and they can give you many more tips on finding the right farms for sale in your area.


9 January 2018

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