Is Buying A New Home A Good Choice For You?


If the time has come to purchase your first home or to "move up" in home quality, you've probably started browsing various homes for sale in your area. The instinct is usually to buy a home being resold by a previous owner — after all, there are many more "resale" homes on the market than new homes in most areas. But consider that, while buying a new home is not necessarily for everyone, there are some advantages to buying a brand new residence.

19 January 2017

6 Things Every First-Time Home Buyer Must Do


As a first-time buyer, you are certain to be at least a little bit confused by everything going on around you. Buying your first house is a big process, and it is certainly not one that you want to do jump into lightly. Not sure where to start? Practice with these steps before you make a commitment. 1. Check your credit and work to give it the boost it needs.

5 January 2017

Benefits Of Using A Real Estate Broker When Buying A Home


Shopping for a house is a stressful and challenging task, but there are professionals that can help you throughout this entire process. Yet, homebuyers will frequently try to avoid using a real estate agent, depriving them of several benefits that can make the home buying process easier and less risky. Knowledge Of Local Market Trends A real estate agent will have a very detailed understanding about the trends in the communities that you are evaluating.

19 December 2016

Moving To A New City? Have Your Agent Put Together An Information Package For You


Relocating to a new city can be a daunting process, but hiring a real estate agent who works in that city can make the experience more comfortable for you and your family. While your agent will be able to listen to your needs and find potential homes that meet your search criteria, he or she can also help you to get settled once you buy a home and move in. Many real estate agents can provide local information packages for their clients.

2 December 2016

Don't Want To Keep A Lockbox On Your Front Door? Here Are Some Alternatives


When your home is for sale, your real estate agent will customarily ask you if you wish to keep a lockbox on the front door. This box will hold the key to your home, which can make things easier for the agent representing a prospective buyer. For example, since you won't be home at the time of a scheduled viewing, the buyer agent can arrive at your home in advance, unlock the lockbox to secure the key, and then gain entry into the home.

2 December 2016

3 Things A Condo's Pool Can Tell You About Their Management


When you are looking to purchase a condo, you should be concerned both with the specific property you are purchasing as well as the general management of the complex. Your real estate agent should put you in touch with the condo manager to allow you to ask questions about the by-laws, community expectations, fees, and management process. However, some things about the management, maintenance, and community of the condo you will have to discover through a little investigation.

26 October 2016

Tips For Selling A Small Home In A More Family-Oriented Neighborhood


Most families want to live in larger homes with at least three bedrooms. So if you own a smaller 2-bedroom home in a very family-oriented neighborhood, you may have a bit harder of a time selling it. Couples without children and single adults may not automatically think to look for a home in a neighborhood known for family homes, and the families who are shopping or homes in the area are likely to look past yours for something larger.

29 September 2016

Refuting A Few Myths First-Time Homebuyers Often Believe


Buying a home will represent one of the largest financial investments that you will make. Unfortunately, it can be fairly common for first-time homebuyers to give credit to some of the more routinely held misconceptions when it comes to the home buying process. This mistake can lead to avoidable confusion that may cause unnecessary stress and other problems for you. Learning the truth behind a few common home buying myths will provide you more insight when you are going through this process.

21 September 2016

3 Tips To Help You Lease Your First Commercial Office Space


Having access to the right office space can significantly contribute to the overall success of your business. If you have never rented out a commercial space before, navigating the leasing process can be challenging. Here are three tips that you can use to help ensure you are able to secure the best possible deal on your commercial real estate in the future. 1. Identify factors that could affect your rental rate

1 September 2016

Two Reasons Why Dual Agency May Not Be A Good Idea


Much of the time, a homebuyer and home seller will have their own real estate agent representing them. Occasionally, though, one agent will work for both the seller and the buyer. Called dual agency, this type of arrangement has several benefits, including faster communication between all parties and potentially lower commission fees. However, there are some disadvantages to this situation you should be aware of before you agree to dual agency representation.

31 August 2016