What Does Selling Your House For Cash Mean?


You may have seen TV or internet ads that make you wonder if you should sell your house for cash. This article will look at what a cash sale is and how you can determine if selling this way is the right choice for you.

No Mortgage for the Buyer

At first glance, you might not think this is a big deal for you as the seller. However, it does simplify the process significantly. There won't usually be a bank involved, for example, so you can be confident that an approved sale has a high probability of being concluded without any trouble. Also, there won't be as complex of a process of transferring the title to the mortgage lender while they place a lien on it. For sellers, that means sales typically clear a lot faster because the buyer is happy to pay cash for homes.

Does Cash Really Mean Cash?

In nearly all cases, the buyer doesn't pull up with a bunch of hundred-dollar bills and purchase the house. Cash for homes means the buyer will usually place money in escrow pending the sale. This isn't dissimilar from how a bank does it, but there will be less nitpicking. You and your agent will confirm the terms of the escrow arrangement. When the buyer confirms everything is good on their end, the escrow company will transmit the money to your bank account and put the title and keys in the buyer's possession.


One of the big benefits of taking cash for homes is it allows sellers to separate from properties quickly. If your employer suddenly transfers you to a new city with little notice, for example, a cash sale can provide the liquidity you need to get a new house there, pay for the move, and deal with basic needs. Some people also just dislike messing around with prolonged processes where they have to see buyers come and go with a few bids here and there that don't pan out. If you want to get the process over with rapidly, no approach competes with cash for homes.

Can You Sell if You Have a Mortgage?

In most instances, the answer is yes. The buyer will need to know about the mortgage. Likewise, they'll have to decide how they want to handle the outstanding balance on it in terms of paying the mortgage off. Similarly, they'll probably want a discount to offset the mortgage costs.

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10 August 2022

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