Seeking A Water View With Your New Home? What To Know


There is something special about a home on the water. Many dream of living on the water but they might not completely understand the implications. It's best to know what you are getting into before you begin touring waterfront homes, so here is what you need to know.

How Much Privacy Is Needed?

Some may not realize that a lake, bay, or ocean may be for public use. The level of privacy you can expect depends on the situation. For example, if your beachfront home has a public access path right beside it, things could get noisy or even unsafe. Be sure to find out how much of the waterfront belongs to you and how much belongs to everyone else. Another consideration is neighbors. Waterfront property is expensive and homes can be built right next to each other with very little space between them. That aspect of waterfront living could affect you if your neighbors are noisy or they rent their home out to vacationers.

How Will You Use Your Home?

Waterfront seekers have a variety of hopes and dreams in mind. If you are looking to boat, check the open water access and passage under bridges. If you want to swim, make sure that's possible too. The quality of the water and the presence of dangerous wildlife should be considered. If there is no dock and one is needed, be sure to find out if building a dock is permitted.

Do You Understand the Hidden Costs?

It's pretty obvious that waterfront homes are a lot more expensive than those a few blocks away. That, however, may only be the beginning of the extra costs when it comes to waterfront homes.

For example, homeowners' insurance premiums are based on not just the replacement cost of the home, which is often higher than normal, but on known hazards. You can expect to pay more for homes on the water, particularly if the water in question is an ocean, river, or bay that can rise and flood the home. Speaking of which, waterfront homes located in certain areas may be required to buy flood and/or hurricane insurance riders.

In addition, beach homes may call for higher property taxes because they tend to be both more expensive and may have additional costs such as beach renourishment projects added to the taxes owed. In addition, maintenance costs can be higher if the home is exposed to sea air and salt

If you want a waterfront home, the benefits will usually outweigh the costs. For more information about this kind of real estate, contact a real estate agent.


23 March 2021

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