Selling Your Home This Fall Or Winter? Succeed By Doing These Things First!


In the world of real estate, spring and summer are considered optimal times for selling a home. This is because of a number of reasons, including the more comfortable weather, longer daylight hours for viewing homes, and the fact that most families with children find it easier to move during summer breaks from school. But even though these reasons are significant, a fall or winter home sale can still be very successful, especially if the seller chooses to do the following things before putting their home up for sale.

Prepare the home for the market with changing seasons in mind

In addition to the standard advice to thoroughly clean the home, make needed repairs, and remove clutter, sellers who want to experience the most successful sale during the fall and winter months should also make sure that they are making all preparations with the changing seasons in mind.

Since fall and winter days tend to be shorter and drearier than those of spring and summer, homeowners will want to focus on adding more light and warmth to the interior of the homes. Some excellent ideas to achieve this include the following:

  • eliminating florescent lighting and replacing them with light bulbs that give out a flattering, more natural light
  • adding mirrors or reflective surfaces to help magnify light and help to dispel gloomy shadows
  • changing out heavy drapes and choosing insulated blinds that also allow some outside light to filter through

It can also be helpful and seasonally festive to light the fireplace or display candles when prospective buyers are scheduled to view the home, as well as adding a few tasteful fall and winter decorations, such as wreaths, evergreen boughs on mantels, or a smiling jack-o-lantern on the front porch.

Partner with an agent who will aggressively market your home

Because selling a home during the fall or winter months will mean competing for fewer buyers, aggressive marketing is a must to get the home sold as quickly as possible and at the very best price. Since most homeowners face a deluge of children's school events, holiday entertaining, and work commitments during the fall and winter season, they have little time to devote to the many marketing details that must be done in order to get the home sold.

This is why it is crucial for fall and winter sellers to partner with a real estate professional who has a proven record of successful marketing that has resulted in successful home sales. These agents will ensure that your home is well-represented on all major real estate web sites and is also marketed successfully on the local level to attract as much buyer interest as possible.

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23 October 2017

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