Ways To Prepare For Your Closing When Selling A House


As a seller of a house, there are things you will need to accomplish before the closing date. If you fail to do these, it could prevent the closing from taking place. Here are some of the ways you will need to prepare for the closing on your home.

Make sure you complete all necessary repairs

Getting ready to move will be a busy time for you, but there is really no way around this, and one of the ways you must prepare is by finishing or repairing anything in the home that you agreed to do. You can look at your purchase offer to find out what things this includes, and you will need to make sure these are all completed before your closing appointment.

Review the closing documents to ensure they are error-free

Another step you should take as you prepare to sell your house is check over the closing documents to ensure that they are error-free. These documents will spell out how much money the house is selling for and the expenses that must be paid. Look closely at the expenses you, the seller, must pay to make sure they are accurate. If there are mistakes found at the closing, it could stop the closing from taking place.

Gather all the keys and door openers for the house

Before you attend your closing, you will need to gather all the keys you have for your house. You will need to bring these to your closing appointment to give them to the new owners. You should do the same thing with any garage door openers you have for the house.

Clean the house thoroughly after moving your things out

Shortly before the closing appointment, the buyer will have one last chance to walk through your home simply to make sure everything is at it should be. By the time this happens, you should be fully moved out and the house should be as clean as possible. If you do not have time to give it a deep cleaning, hire a cleaning company to do this for you. Offering a clean house to the buyers is a nice gesture, and they will appreciate this.

If you take the time to complete these steps as quickly as you can, you will not hold up the closing on your home. To learn more about house closings and your responsibilities as a seller, talk to a realtor today. 


20 May 2017

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