How A Realtor Can Assist With Your Open House


A common way to drum up interest in a home for sale is to host an open house. It allows potential buyers to get a casual look at the home without the pressure of scheduling a showing and making an offer right away. If you have considered hosting an open house without the help of a realtor, you may not realize the benefits that you are missing out on. Here is why you should have a realtor host your open house for you.

Realtors Act As A Neutral Party

Have you ever been to an open house where the owner attended? It can quite possibly be easiest way to scare away a potential buyer from a home. Not only do buyers feel like they cannot be candid in discussing the house with the owners around, but they may feel uncomfortable looking in closets and bedrooms while the owner is hovering over them.

A realtor acts as a neutral party, letting buyers feel comfortable during the open house. There is no fear of offending somebody by saying a concern about the home out loud or being judged for checking out certain aspects of the home.

Realtors Can Give You Feedback

Since a realtor is neutral, they are going to hear insight from buyers that you otherwise may not hear. They can pass along information to you about why people may be passing over your home. You could learn things such as if people are not too fond of the colors, if it looks cluttered due to a lack of storage, or if there are lot of things people noticed that need to be repaired.

You can use this feedback to make improvements to impress people during your next open house.

Realtors Can Inform The Buyer About The Neighborhood

If there is one thing in particular that realtors specialize in, it's knowing the neighborhood. At an open house, a realtor can answer questions about the surrounding area to those that stop by, making a home more appealing by pointing out things they may not be aware of.

For instance, they give more information about the local school district, how close the home is to the local police station, or the general vibe of the neighborhood. Hearing this information from a realtor will be meaningful, since they have experience in this area.

Want to know more benefits of having a realtor host your open home? Work with one about scheduling your next open house.


28 February 2017

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