Moving To A New City? Have Your Agent Put Together An Information Package For You


Relocating to a new city can be a daunting process, but hiring a real estate agent who works in that city can make the experience more comfortable for you and your family. While your agent will be able to listen to your needs and find potential homes that meet your search criteria, he or she can also help you to get settled once you buy a home and move in. Many real estate agents can provide local information packages for their clients. While you can learn a lot of information through online research, an information package that includes these details can help you fit into your new community quickly.

Local Recreation

The information package that your real estate agent gives you should include a number of details about recreation opportunities in the area. This is especially advantageous if you have children. A directory of youth sports teams, athletic centers, after-school programs, service clubs, and other related details can all be helpful. You can use this information to find suitable programs for your children or yourself, which can help the family feel like members of the community quickly.

School Information

If you have young children who will need to be enrolled in school in a few years, you'll want to get information about the local schools in the area. Your agent can put together a list of the schools that are located close to your new home, including a breakdown of public and religious schools. You'll also often get a map that shows the location of the schools in relation to your new home. This can be helpful in assessing whether your children will be able to walk to school or will need to ride the bus.

Shopping And Dining

It's helpful to gain an understanding of a number of local shopping options before you move into your new home. This part of your real estate agent's information package can be informative and help you save time and effort. For example, the package will often break down types of retail in your community, giving you an idea of where the closest supermarkets, general merchandise stores, home furnishing stores, and other forms of retail are located. Additionally, the information package will contain a list of the local dining options. Generally, these choices will be broken into relevant categories such as fast food, family dining, and restaurants that offer delivery. The latter will especially be handy when you move in and are busy unpacking.


2 December 2016

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