3 Things A Condo's Pool Can Tell You About Their Management


When you are looking to purchase a condo, you should be concerned both with the specific property you are purchasing as well as the general management of the complex. Your real estate agent should put you in touch with the condo manager to allow you to ask questions about the by-laws, community expectations, fees, and management process. However, some things about the management, maintenance, and community of the condo you will have to discover through a little investigation. For example, there are several things you can learn about the management process and community by inspecting the condo's pool. 

A Heavy Chlorine Smell May Mean Less Professional Maintenance of the Grounds

At first, you may think that the smell of chlorine in a shared pool means that the management takes the time to maintain the pool. However, a heavy chlorine scent usually means that the chemicals are not balanced properly. Alternatively, a musty, moldy smell means that the pool is not maintained enough. However, a very light chlorine scent or no scent at all usually signifies that the maintenance crew knows how to properly maintain the pool, which is a good sign that the rest of the property is also well-maintained. 

An Ordered Pool Area May Mean a More Disciplined, Aware Community 

If the lounge chairs are in a row, the gates are properly closed, and there are no stray items around the pool area, it is usually a sign that the management and maintenance staff are actively keeping the grounds looking neat. It is also a sign that the community may be more aware of their belongings and community space. Alternatively, a sloppy pool area is a sign that the management may be more relaxed and that the community members may not care as much about communal spaces. 

An Active Pool Area May Mean a More Involved Community 

If you visit a potential condo and the pool area is active, it is a sign that the community is more active and it may be easy to meet your neighbors and make friends. However, if the pool area is abandoned and does not look used, it may be a sign that people in the community prefer to keep to themselves. 

Each part of a condo complex will tell you about the management and community. By looking for these subtle clues at the pool area, you can get a better idea if a particular condo is right for you. For more information and help with finding a good condo, contact a real estate company, like Marilyn Salzman Real Estate.


26 October 2016

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