4 Staging Tips To Make Your Home Stand Out To Potential Buyers This Summer


The summer buying market is really competitive for both buyers and sellers. It tends to be the time of year when many individuals want to buy and sell homes. With the market so competitive, it is essential that you stage your home well so that you attract buyers who are willing to pay the price that you want to generate from the sale of your home. Here are four staging tips that will help your home stand out.

Brush Up On Your Home's Paint Job

In the summertime, when the weather is nice outside, potential buyers are going to spend more time checking out and inspecting the outside of your home. If you have any areas of your home where the paint is peeling or starting to fade, repainting those walls or your entire home could be what makes the difference between selling your house for the asking price and having to drop down and accept a lower offer. When the outside of your home looks nice, buyers will assume that the inside does as well.

If you a wooden deck or porch, you should also consider either re-staining or painting the wood so that it looks fresh and stands out. The quality of the paint on your home and the quality of the finish on your deck should match one another. You don't want to repaint your home, but leave your deck looking shabby or vice-versa. 

Clean & Freshen Up Your Patio

When buyers look at homes in the summertime, they often try to image themselves sitting on the porch, enjoying the great summer weather. Make it easier for them to imagine themselves on your porch by cleaning and freshening it up. 

Spray the concrete or wood deck down and remove any dirt that has built up. Spray down and clean up your patio furniture. If the pads on your patio furniture are old and faded, purchase some new pads and bright colored pillows; these small changes will really make your patio pop. 

If you have a table outside, put a vase of flowers on it to create add to the overall effect. Small touches like candles or outdoor lights can also help showcase your patio.

Add In Some Flowers

Even if you are not traditionally a big gardener, make this the summer where you go all out with the flowers. Plant easy flowers to take care of, such as petunias, in all of your flower boxes and flower beds. 

You can also add some bursts of color by purchasing hanging baskets. You don't have to hang all of them up; you can set them around your patio and in your flower beds as well to add some extra color.

Bring The Summer Inside

Finally, don't forget to bring the summer inside. Open up the blinds and curtains and let potential buyers see all the great natural light they can enjoy if they purchase your home. 

Bring the flowers inside, and strategically set up bouquets around your home. They will add a splash of color and aroma to your home. 

Switch out the towels that you hang up in your bathroom and use brighter shades and hues. 

In your kitchen, set out a pitcher of lemonade and glasses for people when you know you'll have potential buyers over or when you have an open house.

The key to selling your house and getting the asking price for it during the summer time is to embrace the summer and make your home feel like a relaxing summer destination to potential new buyers. 

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12 July 2016

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