What To Look For In A Family-Friendly Home When House Hunting


If you are looking to buy a home that will fit your large family, seeking out family-friendly homes for sale will narrow down your search. There are certain things that you can look out for when house hunting to ensure that a home will be ready to accommodate a large or growing family. Here are four things to look out for if you are on the market for family-friendly homes for sale.  

1. Room to Grow

If your family is just starting out and you may have plans in the future to have more kids, finding a home with enough bedrooms and bathrooms to keep your family comfortable is important. If you are hoping to find your forever home, be sure to keep in mind additional family members such as parents who may be visiting or need to move in with you down the line.

2. Outdoor and Indoor Spaces to Entertain

Space will be key to a growing family, and will keep you from having headaches from kids and pets constantly underfoot. If you will be living in an area that has snow or long cold winters, an indoor space such as a rec room or basement can keep kids entertained. This will give an additional space in your home for family fun besides bedrooms and the living room. A large yard can give kids space to have fun in the summer without having to leave the property.

3. Safety Concerns

There might be some open houses that tout the benefits of two stories and patio space, but all you might see are narrow stairways and precarious decks. Go into home viewings with open eyes and try to avoid homes with dangerous set ups for kids. Things like too much traffic right outside of the home or homes backing into a river or lakefront need to be evaluated for your family's personal needs and limitations.

4. Neighborhood Features

Location features of homes for sale might be a big draw for growing families to keep in mind. Proximity to good schools, after school activities, and parks can all big draws when it comes to family-friendly neighborhoods. Map out where you would like to focus your house hunting and discuss with your real estate agent if this is a realistic, safe neighborhood for families.

Be sure to let your real estate agents understand your priorities in a home so that they don't waste your time. Details such as size, safety, and location are always important in a home search. These can have a different meaning if you are looking for a space that can accommodate a large family and be a perfect home for years to come.   


10 May 2016

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