Senior Real Estate Agents Vs. Junior Real Estate Agents


If you are in the market to sell your house, you probably want it sold quickly and for the asking price. Because real estate agents can market your home for you while you continue with the moving and packing process, it may be a very wise decision to hire an agent for this job. However, there are senior real estate agents and junior real estate agents. It is important to know and understand the difference. Here is why their differences and classification should matter to you.

Junior Real Estate Agents

These agents are not partners with the agency they work for, but many are working for clients with that goal in mind. They are often quite new to the real estate business, and they have not proven themselves yet. Some junior agents are real "go-getters," which is what you want and need to sell your home. However, their selling stats may not be very impressive because they are so new to their careers. If you do get a real "go-getter" (i.e., one who can market the daylights out of your house and sell it quickly), you may be able to sell your home and keep more of the money because a junior agent's commission is often less than what a senior agent charges and receives.

Senior Real Estate Agents

Senior agents have a proven track record of sales. Their sales are not only successful, but also numerous. They have sold many properties, both commercial and residential, and they have successfully bartered real estate sales that make both the buyers and sellers happy. When you ask for their sales records, they can supply you with their most recent stats, proving that they have done well and will definitely be able to sell your home for you. While almost all real estate agents set goals and deadlines for themselves, many of the deadlines are set by clients like you. When you hire a senior agent, set your deadline according to when you want the house sold by and your agent will work quickly to meet your deadline.

The downsides to hiring a senior agent is that his or her commission is usually higher than that of a junior agent. It may take him or her longer to sell your house for the price you want (if you do not give the agent a deadline) because he or she is very busily selling several properties at once. For more information, talk to a professional like Sheryl Lyons Real Estate.


26 February 2016

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