Tips For Using Instagram To Sell Your Home


Real estate is a timeless long-term investment that can offer big rewards. The real estate market is rapidly changing, though, and so is the dynamic technology that should be utilized to maximize your chances of selling your home for top dollar. Instagram is a mobile app and social networking website that focuses on photo sharing and video sharing. Since photos and videos are going to be what attracts potential buyers to come see your property, Instagram is an important online real estate marketing tool.

Be Mindful and Consistent

The first thing that you need to do when posting to Instagram is consider your audience. Your hard-earned followers may stop paying attention to your posts or even unfollow you if you post too often, yet you also run similar risks by posting too rarely. Be sure to post a photo to your real estate Instagram account at least once per week but not more than three times per day.

Put Your Own Spin on Photos

Keep in mind that the way that you use Instagram should be unique. Put your own spin on things. If you have a great sense of humor, add funny messages with your photographs. If you like writing something pretty or sentimental, go for it. Posts have the best chance of going viral when they are genuinely funny or heartfelt.

Use the Right Hashtags

One effective way to use Instagram to attract potential home buyers is to utilize hashtags. The key is to use specific, relevant, and targeted hashtags. Start by looking at what's trending in your area. Think of ways that you may take photos to tap into the hashtag, then post the relevant photo with the specific hashtag. Digital real estate marketing can be as simple as being smart about the use of hashtags.

When you are using hashtags, make sure that your photograph is something that would capture the attention of someone surfing through a variety of hashtag results. You have a greater chance of making a sale if potential buyers click on your individual profile and perusing the photos of the properties you have for sale.

Encourage Sharing

Be sure to encourage your followers to share photos with others. While the best way to get organic shares is to simply produce gorgeous photographs, you may have success with requesting shares and offering incentives for people who share your pics. You may allow your users to enter a giveaway or other type of contest when they share one of your Instagram posts.

The good news is that Instagram can be connected to other social networks websites, including Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Tumblr. So users can share a great photo to people in multiple mediums. That means that one real estate photograph can potentially be seen by an unlimited amount of users. Make sure that you are only sharing photos that represent the way you want your property to be seen.

Have Fun Sharing

Finally, keep in mind that this is one of many online real estate marketing tools that you should be using. Try out different social media websites and be persistent with them for six months to a year to see if they will be worth it for your specific business. Instagram may be just the right tool for you to reach potential buyers.

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12 February 2016

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